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What is The Riverline? 

The Riverline will be a 1.5-mile, 40-acre nature trail and multi-use greenway that will connect downtown Buffalo, NY near Canalside to the Buffalo River across from the Tesla Gigafactory at Riverbend. The trail will be on land that was the site of the former Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, also known as the DL&W. The DL&W line connected Buffalo to New York City but was decommissioned in the 1960s. The land is now owned by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA). 
​By reimagining this former railway, The Riverline will be an innovative and inspiring place that celebrates this area of Buffalo and will be a green place of refuge for all. The Riverline will prioritize native plants and animals, health and wellness, public art, and community connectedness. It will be a string of engaging experiences in nature that everyone can enjoy – right in the city, only minutes from downtown


As a member of the Highline Network, The Riverline is on the forefront of infrastructure reuse projects that are being constructed across North America and create vibrant and equitable public spaces.

Where Can I Find The Riverline?

The DL&W corridor that will be transformed into The Riverline is currently in development and is not yet publicly accessible.  The corridor runs through three historic Buffalo neighborhoods – the Old First Ward, Perry, and the Valley. One of our key aims when constructing The Riverline will be to create “gateways” and “community connectors” in all three neighborhoods. These will be essential access points that will make it easy to find The Riverline at multiple locations while celebrating and respecting the character of the communities along its route.

When Will The Riverline Be Built?

The NFTA is currently undertaking an environmental assessment of the corridor. This assessment is required by the New York State Department of Transportation before construction can begin. We are working with partners who will develop detailed design plans and construction documents. We will also be engaging with the public to provide updates and get input on these components of the project through community meetings and updates on our website, news articles, and social media. We anticipate that the environmental assessment and the preliminary design plans will be completed by the end of 2024 and our goal is to begin initial construction in 2025. The exact timeline for construction will be determined by the design schedule and available funding.

How Can I Stay Involved Or Help With The Project? 

Please go here for a list of meetings designed to keep the public informed and garner input on design ideas. You can sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter below. Attending one of our seasonal community events is a great way to learn more and get involved. You can also donate here​ and share your thoughts and hopes for The Riverline here.

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