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From Vision to Reality - "Block Talk" Site Visits

As part of The Riverline Study, we are holding six Block Talk sessions at different points along The Riverline corridor. This is an opportunity to meet us "on location" to review the plans so far, consider potential impacts to the community and surrounding areas, and voice your ideas and concerns. Each session will last approximately 2 hours, but feel free to stop by for any part of a session if you can’t stay the whole time.


Even if you are unable to attend any of the Block Talks, we still want to hear from you! Please fill out the survey below.  If you have trouble accessing the survey, we can email you one or send you a paper copy.  Contact Molly Gadenz, The Riverline Outreach Coordinator at or call 716-687-1225 ext. 125

The Basswoods 

  • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 4pm - 7pm

Meet in Red Jacket Park at the end of Smith Street, stay for the sunset! Explore the options for pathways and experiences in the area on either side of Smith Street.


The Del Refuge

  • TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 5pm - 7pm

Meet at the corner of Louisiana Street and Miami Street. Consider what features are needed to provide an enjoyable and accessible experience in nature, while enhancing privacy for neighbors. 

The Junctures

  • Thursday, May 30, 5pm – 7pm

Meet at the corner of Katherine Street and Mackinaw Street for a conversation about the effects of a unique pedestrian bridge that provides an inspiring new connection to the Buffalo River waterfront.   


The Chicago Street Welcome Garden

  • Thursday, June 6, 5pm – 7pm

Meet at the corner of South Park Avenue and Chicago Street. Share ideas to create a place for neighbors of all generations to connect with nature and each other.

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