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Beginning in 2017, the Western New York Land Conservancy undertook an extensive visioning process across the three neighborhoods surrounding the corridor – the Old First Ward, Perry, and the Valley. This involved canvassing door-to-door and holding many public meetings to get as much resident input as possible. Together, we had many conversations with neighbors and other community members to find out what matters most for the future of this corridor. The entire process took almost a year to complete. 


More than 1,000 people contributed their input to this process, and deep commonalities surfaced about what the underutilized corridor could become. The result was The Riverline Community Vision Plan, which clarified a set of guiding principles for the project:


  1. Respect the character and history of local communities and increase quality of life for residents

  2. Embrace and enhance nature that thrives along the corridor 

  3. Provide different kinds of recreational uses and programming year round

  4. Create connections to existing assets while planning for future projects, needs and growth

  5. Design with long-term use, maintenance and safety in mind 

  6. Serve as a catalyst for additional investment and opportunity 


More than just a trail, The Riverline will be a vibrant, safe, and welcoming space for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to connect with nature, the waterfront, and one another throughout the year.

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